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in the local pool. But chlorine does a number on your bathing suit. And when my brother and his wife invited me to visit them in Hawaii, suddenly, my plain, practical, polyester bathing suit looks baggy and sad. Unworthy of a place such as Hawaii. I needed a new one. Nothing sours my day like the prospect of shopping for a bathing suit. I’m 67, educated, independent and a feminist, but when I stand in front of the large mirror in the unforgiving light of a change room, every wrinkle, every sag of unconstrained flesh, every skin tag is magnified. Common sense and logic fall away with my clothes. When I wriggle into a bathing suit, I’m desperate to look like a 19-year-old swimsuit model. In the local bathing suit shop, I discuss fit but not price with the twentysomething, Size 6 salesgirl. With bathing suits, your best hope is to like the thing.

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