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They were engaged for a year, married in 2015, then spent only one week together as husband and wife before Said had to return to Virginia on his J-1 visa, a non-immigrant visa commonly given to scholars and doctors. In the meantime, the couple applied and were approved for a J-2 visa for Leen, which is a permit reserved for spouses and dependents of J-1 holders. Finally, on Saturday 28 January, Leen boarded a flight in Istanbul bound for Dulles International Airport in Virginia, about 45 minutes outside of Washington DC. It was supposed to be a happy day. "It was supposed to be, but I don't know what's going to happen," 29-year-old Said said, not long after arriving at Dulles. Almost exactly 24 ผ้าห่อตัวทารก hours earlier, President Donald Trump signed an executive order titled , "Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States". It shut down the US refugee programme for 120 days, indefinitely suspended the resettlement of Syrian refugees, and halted all immigration to the US from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days. The order led to chaos at airports all over the world. Travellers were prevented from boarding planes abroad and, in some cases, were pulled off flights.

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